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100 % POLYESTER Woven Labels : warp and weft. Label Qualities : Taffeta : cheapest quality with loose yarns on back. High Definition (HD) : for labels with small writings.Lots of detail possible. Also if lots of colours are needed.Satin / Reverse Satin : for more shiny base labels, Not so suitable...

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Mabo Buttons and Labeltex Group

29 November 2015

Since Beginning of 2015, we became the BENELUX Agencies of 2 very strong Italian houses : MABO BUTTONS and LABELTEX GROUP. Since we are a EUROPEAN-ASIAN Production House, we think it is important to also...

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necklace 15

In metal, acrylic, polyester or combination. Changes and new designs throughout the season

metal jeans button 5

Materials used are mainly alloy and brass. Any design possible according to customer's requests and artwork. Many different pin options available. Finishing and plating in standard platings or...


Leather belts in fake leather (PU) with hotstamping logos or embossed or debossed logos. Colors according to clients wishes. Buckles in any shape or metal finishing.

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We can supply you with many different kinds of promotional items - you name it we source and make it!