heatcut label 1

100 % POLYESTER Woven Labels : warp and weft. Label Qualities : Taffeta : cheapest quality with loose yarns on back. High Definition (HD) : for labels with small writings.Lots of detail possible. Also if lots of colours are needed.Satin / Reverse Satin : for more shiny base labels, Not so suitable...

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Mabo Buttons and Labeltex Group

29 November 2015

Since Beginning of 2015, we became the BENELUX Agencies of 2 very strong Italian houses : MABO BUTTONS and LABELTEX GROUP. Since we are a EUROPEAN-ASIAN Production House, we think it is important to also...

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necklace 6

In metal, acrylic, polyester or combination. Changes Viagra 100mg and new designs throughout the season

special 6

Cut and printed with or without special ink or varnishes with or without special personalized metal or paper eyelets with cord/tapes and with or without safety Pins. With or without washed or even...

flocking 3

Velvety material where transfers are made of according to pantone colors